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Maasai Village Day Trip

Trip Overview

A visit to a Masai village is an interesting experience. When you arrive in the village, children and adults greet you with songs and dancing. At certain times, you will be welcomed in one of the homesteads of the village. The village huts (called Emanyata) are made of cow dung and clay plastered over stalk frames. This is pretty handy, the Maasai keep cattle herds and the dung is always rich and freely available. One of the hosts will give you an insight into the life of the Maasai.
Some may not speak English, but our guide will interpret you so that the story can be exchanged. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about the history and lifestyle of this tribe. You can ask as many questions as you like.
A variety of goods, including homeopathic medicines, local clothing and cereals. Here you have the opportunity to bring home a souvenir, a reminder that you appreciate. In the village they will offer you a hot lunch.

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